Want to freelance and consult? Announcing my first ebook on exactly how to get started

Ready to start freelancing or consulting but not sure what to do first? Or you’ve been struggling at it for awhile but have few or even no clients to date?

I’m excited to announce the release of my first ebook: Start Freelancing and Consulting: How to take control of your life and make great money quickly as a solopro.

Some of the information in this book develops concepts introduced in my newsletter and blog but much of it is brand new. This includes four great special reports (for a total package of nearly 200 e-pages):

  1. Special Report #1: 15 steps to get your business up and running in 8 hours or less
  2. Special Report #2: 17 projects to postpone . . . perhaps forever
  3. Special Report #3: What is a virtual assistant? What does a virtual assistant do? By Kathy Goughenour
  4. Special Report #4: How to slash telephone costs By Wayne Schneidman

Not only is the book pretty good (if I say so myself), but I’m really proud of the sales page itself. It’s truly educational and is worth reading even if you decide not to buy:  Start Freelancing and Consulting.


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