Labor Department issues heartening labor-market data

The U.S. Labor Department reported the latest job figures on Friday and there’s reason for cautious optimism  . . especially for freelancers and consultants.

The good news is that the number of jobs “surged” (per the New York Times), with the addition of 162,000 nonfarm jobs in March. This represents a net gain for the economy, given that “only” 100,000 new jobs are needed monthly to absorb new workers into the labor force.

More good news: the U.S. added 10,000 temporary service jobs, which economists perceive as a sign that employers are testing the waters before creating additional permanent jobs.

Three ways this is excellent news for new freelancers and consultants:

  1. These temporary service jobs represent work opportunities in themselves.
  2. Predictions of new permanent jobs suggest we’ll see more solopro assignments first.
  3. As jobs are created, current solopros nab them, taking themselves out of the competition for future assignments.

To be honest, some of the news from the Labor Department is mixed: Nearly one-third of March hiring consisted of temporary jobs working on the 2010 census. Still, census hiring is predicted to continue through the end of the summer.

Now is always the best time to pursue solopro assignments. And how much better when there is good news in the air.


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