Marcia Yudkin on “Why Good Enough Stinks”

Today I am reprinting a new article by Marcia Yudkin, one of my most favorite experts. (See more about why I like her on my website.)

It’s from her weekly Marketing Minute newsletter, and reading it is a minute well spent!

Why Good Enough Stinks

by Marcia Yudkin

“I’m so much more productive, now that I’ve learned to stop when I’ve achieved ‘good enough.'”

Chances are, you’ve heard something like that and probably nodded your head.

Consider, though, this perspective from literary agent Jennifer Lawler in the current issue of Writer’s Digest:

“As an agent, I turn down ‘good enough’ ideas every day. The distance between ‘good enough’ and ‘great’ may not be huge, but if you go that extra 10 percent, I can tell. So can everyone else. ‘Great’ has me making lists of editors I should pitch as soon as you sign with me. ‘Good enough’… I’d rather eat ice cream.”

In a down economy, in a competitive environment, on an Internet where short attention spans rule, “good enough” gets you passed over.

Note that Lawler’s extra 10 percent isn’t exactitude of detail – so-called perfection. Rather, she means more developed, more distinctive, more encompassing, coming from deeper within oneself and producing a stronger impact.

Whether you sell plumbing or divorces, do you always give your work your best effort?

People can tell, and they choose accordingly.

Marcia Yudkin is the author of 6 books, including 6 Steps to Free Publicity. This article is reprinted with permission from her free Marketing Minute newsletter, published every Wednesday. Sign up here.

Marcia also has a new service that guides you to an understanding of your unique talents and how you can attract clients whose expectations match the way you prefer to work. Learn more here.

Note: The links in this post are affiliate links and I may be paid commissions on future purchases.


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