Mayan calendar 2012: Are you looking forward to 12-21-12?

I’m really distressed about this Mayan end-of-the-world scenario scheduled for December 21, 2012.

No, I’m not distressed in the usual way: I am not fearful that we’ll all die in exactly three years and one month.

Instead, I am distressed that so many people are so discouraged and fearful of the future that they anticipate the date with an emotion on the verge of relief.

It’s not my usual practice to write about problems for which I see no solutions, whether those solutions are personal marketing practices to build one’s business or society-wide answers. However, I’m making an exception here to test if my observations are out of step with the actual spirit of the times and if blessedly, the public dreads worldwide destruction more than continued recession.

Personally, it’s simply not my style to go looking for more opportunities to share in religious fears and guilt by expanding my religious outlook beyond the usual choices. I enjoy some poetry and prayers and cultural aspects of diverse world religions without worrying if somewhere in their holy literature I’m doomed to a miserable afterlife.

I expose myself to Eastern thought via my yoga classes, but my ego is as big and as American as ever once I roll up the mat and return the props to the closet. I’ve attended several performances of “Hair” over the years but have never danced naked in the park to welcome the Age of Aquarius. And I don’t think I’m unusual in my minimal interest in native cultures.

I’ve got to hand it to the ancient Mayans. They’ve attracted a lot of free publicity for their religion despite no door-to-door visits or direct mail campaigns.

Isn’t it interesting that Mayan beliefs are coming to our attention because we find their apocalyptic message oddly appealing, capturing our imaginations much more effectively than God’s love for us or how to find happiness or how to love others.

I sense there are plenty of discouraged people out here. Unemployed, underemployed or just plain worried in a shrinking job market. Work furloughs, pay cuts and diminishing employee benefits with few signs of an impending turn-around. Middle-aged people forced to spend down their retirement accounts without knowing how they will restore their portfolios.

I suspect that people are relieved to know they only have to eke out an existence for a few more years. Limp along financially for a little while longer and our ugly credit scores will be cosmically erased. All will soon be resolved!

It’s a sort of societal death wish reframed as a fad.

Do you agree? Disagree?


One response to “Mayan calendar 2012: Are you looking forward to 12-21-12?

  1. The whole Dec. 21, 2012 thing is fascinating, partly because of how people view it.

    The people who look eagerly forward to it because they’re feeling so unhappy and scared are looking, I think, for something to be cataclysmic to get them off the hook of being responsible for their own lives.

    I once heard a Christian woman say she wanted Jesus to come now because everything is so terrible and people are so bad! Now, is THAT FAITH? Somehow, I don’t think that’s what it is supposed to be.

    I’m just curious to see what, if anything cosmic, geological or magnetic (regarding about the N. and S. poles),happens. Life is filled with mystery. That’s what I think God is, not some guy or some personage, but the infinite mystery.

    Note: Rebecca DeGeorge wrote this comment and tried to post it earlier today but experienced technical problems.

    Thanks, Rebecca

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