A really fun analytical tool

I just found something that is so much fun I have to share it.

It’s the Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer of the Advanced Marketing Institute. (By the way, it’s free and you don’t need to sign up for anything.)

First, it scores the headline for Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) Words. The Institute claims that headlines written by professional copywriters typically score between 30% and 40%, while the best copywriters achieve scores between 50% and 75%.

The analysis also classifies each headline as spiritual, empathetic or intellectual.

Spiritual impact words “carry the strongest potential for influence,” says the Institute. Empathetic impact words are especially attuned “with people and businesses involved with care-giving,” including mothers. Intellectual impact words “have the broadest appeal to people in general.”

I’m enjoying myself so much that I’m finding all sorts of copy to test. I’m going through marketing text I’ve written to see how various headlines and titles score.

Here are some of my tests:

Two secrets to get freelance and consulting assignments quickly and two dangerous questions guaranteed to lock you up in analysis-paralysis prison

This is the title of my free giveaway report when you sign up for my free newsletter.

Score: 47.62%. Predominant emotion classification: Spiritual

How to start earning money quickly as a freelancer or consultant

This copy is used in some of my marketing materials.

Score: 45.45%. Predominant emotion classification: Intellectual

Who else wants to start earning money quickly as a freelancer or consultant

This changes the preceding headline slightly by using the “who else . . . “ construction. This style has never appealed to me but the top copywriters say it performs exceptionally well.

Score: 53.85%. Predominant emotion classification: Intellectual

Take control of your life and start earning money now as a corporate freelancer or consultant.

This is the new copy I recently installed at the top of my website, StandUp8Times.

Score: 18.75%. Predominant emotion classification: Intellectual

Who else wants to take control of his life and start earning money now as a corporate freelancer or consultant

This is the same copy as above but with “who else . . . “ at the beginning.

Score: 30.00%. Predominant emotion classification: Spiritual, Empathetic and Intellectual. That’s right, “the perfect balance,” concludes AMI.

Helping people who want freelance work call upon their greatest strength – resilience.

This is the old headline that I took down from my website. I’d been hearing that “resilience” is depressing. People identify more with a positive outcome (money) than with “resilience,” which implies dealing with misfortune.

Score: 50.00%. Predominant emotion classification: Intellectual

Oops. It’s not looking too good for my new, revised website. (Take control of your life and start earning money now as a corporate freelancer or consultant.)

Do you think I’ve blown it? I invite your comments!


6 responses to “A really fun analytical tool

  1. Try this one. Here’is a classic ad that ran for years, in the National Inquirer. The headline is “Five Ways to Cure Corns” . See what the headline analyzer says.

  2. Randy,

    That’s funny and unexpected. I won’t give away the answer in case someone else wants to experiment with this, but I will say that the Lord works in mysterious ways!


  3. As a copywriter, I like “starting earning money quickly as a freelancer or consultant.” You communicate the benefit unambiguously.

    The problem with “Take control of…” is that it’s abstract.

    I’m surprised at the high score for the “resilience” headline. I think “Helping people who want freelance work” is what got you the points there.

  4. I LOVE the word resilience in your slogan! (Maybe I’m just a pessimist!) It fits thematically with the name of your company and I like the implication that not everything comes easily, which is the connation somewhat of the revamped tagline. “Start earning money now” has a bit of a shyster feel to it. It’s what everyone promises. On my down days, I remind myself that Diana says I have resilience. Really, I do! You could tinker with it a bit to give a more “positive feel” if you want, but don’t lose the word resilience. It’s what makes your promise unique (and keeps me going)!

  5. Michele, Thank you for your kind comments. I still talk about resilience on my website and in my blog and I think it is important (and realistic). I went ahead and changed my website to see if the change would make a difference in newsletter sign-ups–the jury is still out.

    So much of the Internet is so overly upbeat–“how I made $5,439.06 while taking my kids out on the yacht”–that the possibility of falling seven times contrasts more markedly with what we normally see online.

    I don’t plan to change the name of my website–I’ve worked too hard on what I have–but I’m always interested in testing.

  6. The scoring tool sure is interesting, but I don’t know how they developed it. There’s the possibility that in-depth testing revealed subconscious patterns that are not readily apparent to the casual observer. And then again, there’s the possibility that the tool is wrong.

    I tend to put a lot of credence into what appear to be valid testing tools. Or even invalid tools! I love personality tests in Cosmopolitan and other women’s magazines.

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