Chortles from my email, part 4

In today’s email, excerpted below, a wife discounts the price of a marketing program offered by her and her husband’s business without his knowledge. But it’s OK because he doesn’t know what she is doing anyway.

Picture it. He’s snoozing with the kids in the cabin while the person he most trusts in this life is giving away the store, confident he won’t object because it will be too late anyway.

What has happened to the sanctity of marriage?

And now for the email’s lead:

Hey , it’s [name of wife].  Shhh, don’t tell [name of husband] that I
wrote to you, but I wanted to give you a secret heads-up that
[name of husband] is not necessarily totally on-board with.

He’ll be fine with it, but it’s better if we just don’t talk
too much about it.

We’re on vacation with the kids in Yosemite right now and I
don’t think he’s even checking email, so …

In about a month, we’re going to begin promoting … [description of offer follows].


2 responses to “Chortles from my email, part 4

  1. Is this who I think it is?

  2. Thanks for the question but I’ve decided to class up my act by not naming names on chortling blog entries. I did it once and suffered far too much in deliberating over whether I am too mean. (In my defense, these are emails that are broadcast to lists of thousands.) It’s the price of being raised to be “nice” above all else.


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