Chortles from my email, part 3

The following is from today’s email. The italics show where I’ve taken out information that can identify the “guru” involved.

I’d prefer to think the writer lied and the owner of this business is in on this campaign. The alternative is that the owner is supremely uninvolved in what’s going on.

I don’t know why I get so worked up over this kind of thing. It certainly isn’t the first time I’ve seen this type of sale.

And now for the chortle-worthy email:

Hi Diana,

[name of “boss”]
has “left the building” – departing for her *longest road trip ever.* She didn’t even tell us where she was going but rumor has it, she’s writing her long anticipated book. Let’s hope she gets it done cause we’ve all been waiting for this one!

So….the team got together yesterday afternoon and conspired to give you ONE last shot at locking in your [name of program] membership before she gets back and realizes that I’ve left the 50% off sale up for you through tonight.

website link here

more info about the program and offer here

You can thank me later but please DON’T TELL [name of boss]! I really like working here. =-)


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