A Tasty Appetizer for Your To-Do “Meal”

This week I embarked on another cycle of business development using the Get Clients Now! program.

What is Get Clients Now!?

GCN! bills itself as a 28-day marketing program for professionals, consultants, and coaches. Described in the book of the same name by C.J. Hayden, the system combines how-to instruction with a planning system to help marketers implement a focused, daily marketing effort while monitoring accomplishments and results.

The system requires you to determine where to focus attention for the next four weeks and then determine 10 daily (or weekly) actions for the time period. Each action can be small (add one Twitter follower) or huge (write a chapter for your book), contributing to a workload that is reasonable in terms of time required and effectiveness in meeting your marketing aims.

For me, one of the challenges of the program is how to incorporate my ever-changing fancies with my intent to stay focused on a limited number of important marketing activities.

In search of BSOs

I recently happened upon a solution that works for me. I have a new daily activity called BSO, which stands for “bright shiny object.”

(A bright shiny object is a term used in e-world for all those novel, exciting activities that divert us from our most important work.)

GCN! has a category of activities that are called “appetizers.” Hayden defines appetizers as “action items to move you forward in the process of creating or acquiring your chosen Success Ingredients.” (And to continue the lexicon, “success ingredients” are the “tools, information, or skills that will successfully address the area of your marketing you have determined is stuck, or needs more work.”)

I place the BSO on my list as my appetizer, changing each day from weenies wrapped in bacon to Swedish meatballs or chunks of cheddar depending on what I have a taste for.

I try to discipline myself not to explore each BSO the moment it hits my field of vision. As I read my email, scan Tweets and review LinkedIn, I maintain a running list of glittering items for follow-up.

Most of what catches my eye has to do with the Internet. Recent list additions include:

  • Search LinkedIn for additional groups to follow
  • Attend a webinar that intrigues me
  • Check out Biznik, a social networking site
  • Investigate Del.icio.us and Digg
  • Check out my website on Alexa.com

This is how I keep myself disciplined—exploring what is new or interesting in a way that helps satisfy my intellectual appetite every day without shirking the Brussels sprouts and broccoli that will advance my business.

By the way, I am preparing to lead a Get Clients Now! teleseminar series soon. I’ll provide more info later. It may be the perfect low-cost way to get guidance and stay motivated.

If you are looking for an intro to the program, purchase the book. Published by Amacom (American Management Association), hundred of thousands of copies have been sold. It’s a real deal for only $19.95.


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