Talking like the in crowd

I love to track words that are either coming into style or are on their way out so I enjoyed the latest from Naomi Dunford of Ittybiz. I especially liked the following:

Use the right buzzwords.

There is nothing more humiliating and career destroying than using outdated buzzwords. As far as I can tell, “community” is still popular, as are “long tail”, “scaleable”, “Tipping Point” and, naturally, “social”. Newcomers to the list are “tribes”, “outliers”, “crowd sourcing”, “streaming”, “sphere”, and the newly retro-chic “everything we know about **** is wrong.”

The full article, called “Starf***ing 2.0 – A Primer,” (I’m including the title in case the link or the positioning of this article changes) has a delightful example of how to drop these words into a conversation. So you may wish to follow the link.

I’ve got to warn you that she uses the F* word more than any other writer I follow (actually much more).

Two of my favorites

Among the words I am seeing in use a lot lately are “robust,” which means “strong” but feels slightly more tentative. It’s especially good for discussing computer stuff. “Juicy” is another word I’ve been hearing frequently. It indicates excitement about whatever is being described. Like being cast as Hamlet. Or thinking a big thought. But not an orange.

Here goes an example:

I have a juicy role on a new task force to develop robust applications.


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